School: Harvard Business School

Semester: Fall 2020.

Course: Required Curriculum – Technology and Operations Management.

Teaching Group Head: Professor Mike Toffel.

Role: Senior Teaching Fellow (Review sessions and office hours).

Numerical Scores

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Caleb did a fantastic job and went above and beyond by not only hosting review session and OHs but also responding in a timely and thorough fashion to questions outside of those times! Thanks, Caleb
Caleb fosters an amazing learning environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and engaging in discussions
Caleb has done a great job with the review sessions and I greatly appreciate the updated format of going through each question from problem sets and then taking questions at the end. The midterm review was also very helpful and he is very responsive via email.
Caleb is a rock star. He is a fantastic teacher and really explained the material clearly. One area Caleb could improve is keeping the session on track and on time. He tends to get very distracted by questions coming in through the Zoom chat and falls way behind.
Caleb is fantastic. he has made TOM so much more accessible, and I wouldn’t have been able to complete the problem sets without the review sessions he hosts. I really appreciate how much time he takes to support our learning. Having the two hour review session format is incredibly helpful – ensures there’s enough time to make it to the sessions and plenty of time for questions
Caleb is incredible. I routinely saw him stay 30+ minutes past the official "“end”" time to help people. He is a phenomenal coach/teacher/mentor.
Caleb is very knowledgeable and willing to help. The review sessions are very useful but I do think they could be better organized - actually having an agenda as opposed to pausing for every question. I think there could be a better way for pooling questions especially for people coming in late (who then repeat questions). Maybe we can start with reviewing the Problem Set before moving onto FAQs (pre-submitted) and then actual questions.
Caleb was excellent. I never missed office hours because he was so helpful. I think he would make a great professor.
Caleb’s review sessions were incredibly helpful, and he was great at distilling down complex concepts.
Caleb’s sessions have been instrumental to my understanding of the material. He is great at explaining and very patient. His teaching is very methodical. His videos are also great, and concepts are very well explained.
Exceptionally clear and insightful!
Fantastic job! Thank you for all of your help!
Great job on providing clear explanations to questions. Also really helpful to go through problem sets with you. Sometimes had trouble understanding people’s questions and answered a different question or did not address follow ups.
HE IS FANTASTIC!!!!! was so incredibly nice answering questions over and over again and being incredibly patient with all of the students, ensuring he explained everything in a way that was helpful for the student to understand before moving on. CALEB IS FANTASTIC and I’m so appreciative of his time and caring! he often stayed beyond the time of the scheduled office hours because he cared to be helpful to students still there.
I attend most weeks’ sessions and I really really appreciate Caleb’s patience in going over the same concept multiple times and in multiple ways. He and Natalie are a great team, and he explains the concepts very clearly. I’ve found his sessions and Pset videos very helpful towards my learning.
I felt in the beginning the review sessions were a bit of a hectic free for all. I wish we had one set structured hour of review (with no q&A), and then time to open up for questions. it sometimes just got a bit chaotic but overall the review sessions were awesome and very helpful, thank you so much caleb. also thank you for the videos explaining homeowrk they were all super clear as well.
I’m sure I would have failed TOM without Caleb. He was so helpful and responsive. Thank you Caleb!!
Love this guy! He should have his own podcast with that whole mic/headphones setup… seriously though, great value review sessions.
Request a video explanation for the exam. Amazing ability to communicate the material.
The TOM review sessions were critical to my learning this semester. Caleb explains things very well and was always available and helpful!
There was difficulty striking balance between questions and reviewing ideas. Sometimes we would spend lots of time answering questions during the review session and jumping around all over the problem sets. Would be nice to have gone through the problem set once and then taken questions.