1. Estimation of the Number of Components in Nonparametric Multivariate Finite Mixture Models (2020) with Eric Mbakop.

    Forthcoming at the Annals of Statistics

  2. Supply Chain Disruptions and Causal Outcomes: Evidence from the Bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping (2018).

    Reject and Resubmit

  3. Disclosure-Driven Social Engagement in Supply Chains (2021) with Andrew Di Wu.

    1st place in POMS College of Sustainable Operations: Best Student Paper Competition

  4. The Retail Labor Productivity Paradox (2021) with Ananth Raman.

Cases and Teaching Material

  1. Getting Started in R Cloud Studio (2021) with Chiara Farronato.

    Harvard Business School Tutorial 621-708, February 2021